Chaudrolux is specialized in the transformation of metals, from cutting and folding to polishing and finishing including forming, welding and assembling.

We mostly work with stainless steel, brass, aluminium and steel, but also copper, tin and zinc.

We manufacture prototypes and unique pieces, as well as small and middle-size series, always with the same demand for quality, which is a core value of our work and a corollary of our expertise

Chaudrolux manufactures :

Elements for arrangement and decoration :

display cabinets, racks, frame, doors, skirting boards, wall panelings,…

High-end furniture :

tables, consoles, cabinets, closets,, seats, bedside tables, lamps,...

Kitchen and bar furniture :

plunges, worktops, counters, footrests, sideboards,…

Structures for interior layout :

banisters, handrails, staircases, footbridges, glazed windows,...

Covering and finishing assemblies :

pivots, frameworks, angle iron finishings, framing profiles, edge covers,…

Engineering office

Thanks to a sharp technical expertise, our engineering office analyses our customers’ requests and plans, and provides advice and technical recommendation, which often play an important role in their projects development and good achievement.
Equipped with 3D TOP SOLID software, we can handle the different CAD file formats used for drawing plans (dxf, dwg, iges, top, step and pdf..)

Debit & folding area

We are mastering the different techniques of metal cutting and folding, and, besides their use for our manufacturing process, we also offer our cutting and folding services as subcontractors to local companies.

Welding & assembling area

Our experienced employees are used to meeting the daily challenges represented by the often unique pieces that they have to make and assemble. They master the various techniques of the metalwork : cutting, rolling, bending, soldering, drilling, reaming, tapping …

Polishing & finishing area

The quality of the finishing and the aesthetics of our manufactured items are a key aspect of our activity as ornamental metalworkers. Our collaborators are specialised in manual polishing and top of the range finishing, and we are able to propose of different services in this domain.


Satin-finishing grain 60 to 400

Brushing / vibrating


mirror-polished / brilliant-polished


Chrome plating / Nickel plating / Anodising

Painting / lacquer, epoxy paint

Aged / bronze medal / patinated

Waxed / Coated